A nostalgic journey to the past for children aged 5 to 105.

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 about us 

Welcome to the most mysterious and enchanting Museum in Poland.

Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys (formerly The Dollhouse Museum with its headquarters at the Palace of Culture and Science) - a toy museum in Warsaw, a facility that has received numerous awards and prizes for its educational and cultural activities.


ATTENTION - Currently, the Main Branch of the Museum is closed (under reorganization).

The Museum presents two permanent exhibitions, the core of which consists of over 150 fully equipped classic dollhouses, as well as shops, schools, hospitals, hairdressers, service points and other objects.


The exhibits come from all over the world, the oldest ones are over 200 years old.


The exhibition of religious toys is a unique collection of miniature chapels, altars and dozens of in habits and vestments, as well as characters in wedding costumes from various cultures and religions.


The collection - probably the largest and most interesting in this part of Europe - includes several thousand miniature items and toys, as well as a rich collection of old games and puzzles.

The Main Branch of the Museum is currently under reorganization.


operates in the Old Town at Krzywe Koło 2/4. The branch is designed to present a variety of temporary exhibitions on topics related to old toys, dolls and games, as well as presenting the work of contemporary artists and craftsmen.

Currently, we invite you to the new temporary exhibition of artistic dolls MAZOVIA IN A SKIRT.


We invite you!

opening hours
 11:00 - 19:00 

On May 8th 2021 the Museum was reopened.

Currently, only The Temporary Exhibitions Branch is working.

The Main Branch of the Museum is closed until further notice.

The museum will be closed in 2021 on:

We accept

 where are we 

The Main Branch of the Museum - currently under reorganization


We invite you to Temporary Exhibitions Branch in the Old Town, Krzywe Koło 2/4






Krzywe Koło 2/4,

00-270 Warszawa


+48 517  490  047


Old Town

We are close to the RATUSZ ARSENAŁ Metro Station
our awards

 Ticket Price_

Temporary Exhibitions Branch  

 12 zł (3 €)    REGULAR TICKET  

   9 zł (2 €)    DISCOUNT TICKET 

Discount tickets to the Museum are available upon presentation of a corresponding ID.  Discount tickets apply to:

• kindergarten, primary and secondary school children, students up to and including the age of 26 and PhD candidates,

• disabled with a valid document confirming the disability,

• one guardian of a disabled child or a disabled adult with limited ability to lead an independent life is also entitled to a discount ticket,

• teachers conducting work at schools, other educational entities, reformatories or youth detention centres.

   9 zł (2 €)    SENIOR TICKET  

Senior tickets apply to people who are 60 years and older.

   8 zł (2 €)    GROUP TICKET 

Discount, group tickets apply to members of organised groups of more than 10 people.

 36 zł (8 €)    FAMILY TICKET  

Family tickets apply to a group of 4 people with at least one child and one adult.


Free tickets apply to:

• children up to 100 cm tall,

• people who are 100 years of age and older,

• the group guardians -1 per 10 visitors (the number of guardians of kindergarten groups or disabled persons with free admission shall be agreed individually while booking a guided tour).

Free tickets also apply to following visitors with a valid document:

• museum employees, members of International Council of Museums, International Council on Monuments and Sites,

• journalists – we accept Polish SDP or SDRP documents as well as International Federation of Journalists confirmation,

• licensed Polish tour guides - we accept state or Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society ID,

• war veterans and the war disabled.


For guided visit additional group fee is required:

  55 zł  (13 €)    an organised group of more than 10 people - in Polish

  83 zł  (19 €)    a group of up to 10 people - in Polish

 110 zł  (26 €)  an organised group of more than 10 people - in English or Russian

 166 zł  (38 €)  a group of up to 10 people - in English or Russian

 50 zł (12 €)   MUSEUM LESSONS  

The museum lesson is an educational, themed sightseeing path combined with a workshop meeting. The group fee for a museum lesson includes conducting 90-minute classes in Polish. Caution: A separate fee is charged for admission to the Museum and participation in classes - an educational ticket per each participant. The optimal number of people in a group: 20-25 with guardians. Minimum number of participants - 15 people. Telephone reservation of classes, choice of a subject from Museum's educational offer and payment in advance are obligatory. Classes are adapted to the age of the visitors.


 20 zł (5 €)   EDUCATIONAL TICKET 

The educational ticket is a fee for participation in the museum lesson per person. The fee for the educational ticket does not apply to the guardian - teacher  accompanying the group (1 guardian per 10 visitors). A group ticket applies to other guardians.



• The discount tickets cannot be combined.

• Discount coupons and tourist cards do not apply to group tickets.

The Ticket Prices enter into force on January 03, 2021.