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 Visitor Rules and Regulations 


Temporary Exhibitions Branch of The Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys 


Museum – Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys in Warsaw.

Branch – Temporary Exhibitions Branch of The Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys

Foundation – the entity responsible for running Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys: Belle Époque Foundation, based at Krzywe Koło 2/4, 00-270 Warsaw, KRS 0000564993, NIP 7010503893, REGON 362322507.

Organized Group – a group of more than 10 people represented in all formal matters (booking, payment) by one specific person.

Classes – visiting the exhibition, museum lessons, creative workshops, lectures, organized events and other forms of cultural and educational meetings for organized groups taking place in the Branch, with the conduct and participation of the Museum staff.

Price List – document, available on the Museum website and at Branches of the Museum, containing current prices and rules for ticket purchase and other services provided by Museum of Dollhouses, Games and Toys for individuals and organized groups, as well as list of individuals excluded from entrance fee and individuals entitled to discounts and list of programs Museum participates in.


I. General information – the functioning of the Branch

  1. Current opening days and hours are available on the Museum website.

  2. The Museum reserves the right to temporarily close or restrict access to exhibitions and shall inform about it as soon as possible.

  3. For the sake of comfort of visiting, the last entry to the exhibition takes place 30 minutes before the closing of the Branch.

  4. Only pedestrian and wheelchair users are allowed at the Branch.

  5. Visiting the Branch is possible after purchasing tickets and paying for them in accordance with the current Price List. Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

  6. The visiting fee entitles to a one-time visit to all available exhibitions at the Branch immediately after the transaction or, in the case of transfer payment (regarding organized groups) on the day declared in the booking.

  7. Payments for individual tickets and additional services are made at the Branch ticket office, in cash or by credit card.

  8. The need for the Foundation to issue an invoice for admission tickets, additional services or purchases should be notified at the time of purchase.

  9. Admission tickets to the Branch are needed every day, except for special events organized under the rules specified in separate regulations.

  10. The Branch can be visited by organized groups and individuals.

  11. Entrance tickets for individuals are available on an ongoing basis at the Branch ticket office without the need for reservations. Advance ticket booking is only necessary and mandatory for organized groups.

  12. Parents / guardians are required to accompany minors when visiting exhibitions and during classes. They bear full responsibility for the behavior and damage caused by minors. Guardian must be of age.

  13. Parents / guardians of children aged 0-6 are required to exercise extreme caution and close supervision over children during a visit to the Branch.

  14. A minor who is 13 years old or older may be allowed to visit the Museum without adult supervision, but such a case must always be approved by an employee of the Museum.

  15. Before entering exhibitions luggage except handbags and small backpacks, umbrellas, Nordic walking sticks and other large items, including prams must be left in a specified area. The prohibition does not include mobility aids.

  16. It is not obligatory to leave outer garments before entering exhibitions. The Museum is not responsible for items left at the Branch. Valuable items or luggage can be deposited at the Museum’s reception.

  17. It is strictly forbidden to photograph and record videos with the use of image stabilizers and additional selfie-stick accessories, a tripod or a monopod and a flash on the Branch grounds.

  18. The following prohibitions apply on the premises of the Branch: a) bringing firearms, dangerous substances and objects, b) entering scooters, bicycles and similar vehicles, as well as prams, except for wheelchairs and prams for the disabled, c) entering and bringing animals (excluding the guide dog), d) smoking (also e-cigarettes), e) bringing food, drinks and any consumption, f) the admission of persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants or persons negatively affecting hygiene and/or safety of people and property, g) touching exhibits and equipment and decoration elements, h) make loud phone calls, i) leaving garbage and debris in the exhibition space, j) behaving in a way that disturbs the peace of other visitors.

  19. The number of people staying at the Branch at one time may not exceed the limit resulting from the sanitary, security and fire protection rules. If the limit is exceeded, a Museum employee may refuse admission to the Branch.

  20. Souvenirs, books and toys purchased in the Museum shop are not refundable. In the event of a product defect, it can be replaced.

  21. Facility is under video surveillance.

II. Guided visits and group bookings

  1. The exact number of persons within a group, entrance fees and services for organized groups is regulated by Price List.

  2. Guided visit at the Branch is only possible for organized groups and it is available in prices and languages stated in current Price List.

  3. Services for organized groups are possible only after prior telephone booking and making an advance payment by transfer to the Foundation's account or at the Branch ticket office, in the amount and time in accordance with the current Price List and educational offer of the Branch. In the absence of payment, after the deadline has expired, the reservation is automatically canceled.

  4. For services rendered by the Museum at the Branch, organized groups may make cash or card payments at the cash register and by transfer to the Foundation's account in the form of a prepayment or invoice fee with deferred payment. If you need to issue an invoice with deferred payment, you must send an appropriate letter to the Museum's email or postal address.

  5. If the reservation is canceled after the advance payment, the payment is not returned. A paid reservation can be transferred to another date after prior telephone contact with the Museum, up to 7 days before the original date of reservation. Sudden random forfeiture will be treated and considered individually.

  6. For 10 people in an organized group, one guardian is entitled to a free admission. For pre-school groups and people with disabilities the number of guardians with free admission must be agreed individually while making the reservation.

  7. The guardian of the group who booked the visit should show up at the Branch 10 minutes before the reserved time of the visit in order to pay the fees and prepare the group for the visit. Due to the housing conditions, an employee of the Museum may refuse to admit a group that will arrive earlier than 10 minutes before the booked visiting time.

  8. The Museum does not guarantee the admission to the Branch of a group that is late more than 20 minutes and/or behaving in a way that violates the regulations.

  9. Guides who are not employees of the Museum are not allowed to guide groups on their own through the exhibitions.

III. Additional provisions

  1. Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of Museum employees and exhibitions supervisors at the Branch.

  2. In the event of a breach of the rules of these Regulations, an employee of the Museum instructs a person and in the event of further violation of the regulations, has the right to ask such a person to leave without the right to refund the fees paid by such person.

  3. A Museum employee has the right to call law enforcement, including the police, in the event of failure to comply with the order to leave the Branch.

  4. Purchasing the admission ticket means acceptance of these regulations.

  5. Complaints and applications should be submitted in writing, signed and with return address. Anonymous letters will not be considered.

  6. Above Regulations are available on the Museum's website: .

  7. The Museum Staff decides upon cases that are not regulated by the above rules.

The Regulations enter into force on January  3, 2021.





The marketing authorisation holder is Fundacja Belle Époque,

headquarters at Krzywe Kоło 2/4, 00-270 Warsaw, Poland, KRS 0000564993,  NIP7010503893,  REGON 362322507

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